Harper Cleaning Service Palm Bay, FL (SUCKS)

Orlando, Florida 1 comment

This cleaning service is horrible.I hired this service to clean my home as my wife and I went on vacation for a few weeks and didnt want to come home to a dusty house.

I got the business card from a friend so I said ok let me give them a try. Their entire staff consisted of 2 people (brothers). I called them up and agreed upon a price for the work that would be done. We scheduled a time to meet at the home and Mr.Harper showed up.

I let him into the home and pointed out the areas that needed cleaning. So I left him to his work and went to run some errands. Upon my return the other employ had apparently shown up. I was suprised to see that this person had been drinking in my home and was apparently drunk.

He also looked like he was high on something. Not to mention that my house smelled like the floors were being cleaned with dirty mops. I asked the owner to immediatley stop what he was doing and asked him to please leave my home as I was displeased with the work that was being done. I asked them to clean my home not dirty it.

As the employ exited my home he proceeded to address me with foul words. Shouting the F word at me and everything else in the book. My recommendation.

Dont use this service.They are not very good with the customer service and if this is the way that they conduct business by showing up to jobs drunk and high, well then they dont stand a chance at making it as a business.



I've heard of this service.I hadnt had a personal experience before.

But a friend used them and said the service isnt that great. She said her place looked dirtier after they left.

Thats goes to show that its better to pay the extra for licensed professionals than get a deal and a lousy job.:sigh

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